Goldeli Textile

Yarn, Fabric and Rice Husk Ash Powder


Goldeli Textile is %100 Turkish owned and operated company. Our head quarter located in Bursa, established 1962. We are also import and export company, our product range are polyester dopedyed yarns.



ACYRLIC 1/18 HB and SOFT , 2/35 HB , 1/40 HB , 1/54 HB AK-AL ACRYLIC YARN Company Bursa Agent POLYESTER SPUN YARN 20/1 - 30/1 - 40/1 - 50/1 - 60/1 325 Dn SLUB YARN.


We can work personel orders...(digital press etc...) Chiffon, Satin, Silk, Viscone, Cotton, Men's Fabrics, Laser Fabrics, Lace, Printed fabric etc....

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Buttim İş Merkezi

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